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Oval Shapes
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Oval Shapes

Oval 5/4mm (loose) : Green Emerald
Oval 16/9mm (loose) : Opaque Blue
Flat Oval 9/8mm (loose) : Black Diamond
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Crystal
Oval 18/11mm (loose) : White
Flat Oval 9/8mm (loose) : Lt Hyacinth
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Topaz
Oval 26/8mm (loose) : Milky White
Oval 12/9mm (loose) : White
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Dk Amethyst AB
Flat Oval 17/8mm (loose) : Alexandrite
Oval 12/9mm (loose) : Spotted Beige
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Sapphire
Flat Oval 17/8mm (loose) : Montana Blue
Oval 12/9mm (loose) : Spotted Orange
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Luster - Sapphire
Flat Oval 22/12mm (loose) : Alexandrite
Oval 12/9mm (loose) : Spotted Green/Beige
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Dk Olivine
Flat Oval 15/9mm (loose) : Montana Blue
Puffed Ovals 17/11mm (loose) : Lt Smoky Topaz
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Lime Green
Flat Oval 18/12mm (loose) : Peridot
Puffed Ovals 24/16mm (loose) : Milky White
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Rosaline
Flat Oval 18/12mm (loose) : Capri Blue
Puffed Ovals 24/16mm (loose) : Lt Rose
Oval 6/4mm (loose) : Ruby
Flat Oval 18/12mm (loose) : Lt Hyacinth
Oval 15/12mm (loose) : Lt Smoky Topaz
Oval 8/5mm (loose) : Luster - Crystal BlueTurquise
Pointed Puffed Ovals 18/10mm (loose) : Crystal/Striped Pink
Textured oval 14/8mm (loose) : Jet
Oval 8/5mm (loose) : Coated - Misty Rose
Beveled Ovals 10/9mm (loose) : Tortoise
Oval 12/16mm (loose) : Jet
Oval 8/5mm (loose) : Crystal
Flat Oval 20/8mm (loose) : Smoky Topaz
Twisted Ovals 12/7mm (loose) : Milky Pink
Oval 8/5mm (loose) : Jet
Flat Oval 30/11mm (loose) : Montana Blue
Oval 8/3mm (loose) : Alabaster
Oval 9/6mm (loose) : Jet
Flat Oval 15/15mm (loose) : Matte - Peridot Stripe
Oval 9/4mm (loose) : Crystal
Oval 12/7mm (loose) : Milky White
Flat Oval 15mm (loose) : Jonquil/Lemon
Oval 9/4mm (loose) : Jet
Oval 12/7mm (loose) : Jet
Flat Oval 15/16mm (loose) : Mauve
Unique Triangle Shape 6/9mm (loose) : Lt Sapphire
Oval 12/7mm (loose) : Turquoise Phosphorus
Flat Oval 22mm (loose) : Matte - Peridot Stripe
9/6mm (loose) : Alabaster
Oval 14/8mm (loose) : Crystal
Flat Oval 22mm (loose) : Jet
11/7mm (loose) : Blue Iris - Jet
Oval 14/8mm (loose) : White
Flat Oval 22/23mm (loose) : Olivine
Wavy Oval 9/6mm (loose) : Luster - Transparent Blue
Oval 16/9mm (loose) : Milky White
Flat Ovals 8/6mm (loose) : Matte - Olivine
Wavy Oval 13/9mm (loose) : Luster - Crystal Yellow
Oval 16/9mm (loose) : White/Beige
Flat Ovals 10/8mm (loose) : Milky Caramel
Wavy Oval 13/9mm (loose) : Milky White
Oval 16/9mm (loose) : Lt Green/White
Twist Ovals 12/10mm (loose) : Milky White/Caramel
6/4mm (loose) : Dk Topaz
Oval 16/9mm (loose) : Peaches and Cream
Flat Oval 9/8mm (loose) : Topaz
5/3mm (loose) : Milky Pink
Oval 16/9mm (loose) : Smoky Topaz
Flat Oval 9/8mm (loose) : Montana Blue
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