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PB29-1216-11000 Pear Shaped Drops 12/16mm (loose) : Milky Topaz
PB206-15-00030 Coin 15mm (loose) : Crystal
PB211-05-20210 Pinch Beads 5mm (loose) : Alexandrite
PB211-05-50500 Pinch Beads 5mm (loose) : Peridot
PB226-0507-21435JT Tear Drops 5/7mm (loose) : Iris - Blue
PB226-0507-23980 Tear Drops 5/7mm (loose) : Jet
PB307-0204-TP23980 MiniDuo 4 x 2.5mm (loose) : Jet - Silver Picasso
PB307-0205-TP80020 SuperDuo 5 x 2mm (loose) : Jonquil - Silver Picasso
PB307-0205-TP90080 SuperDuo 5 x 2mm (loose) : Siam Ruby - Silver Picasso
PB307-0205-TP93200 SuperDuo 5 x 2mm (loose) : Opaque Red - Silver Picasso
PB328-07-TP53410 Matubo Seed Bead 7/0 (loose) : Opaque Olivine - Silver Picasso
PB338-65-TP63030 NIB-BIT 6 x 5mm (loose) : Blue Turquoise - Silver Picasso