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J23-00-GLD Large Hook and Eye Clasp : Gold
J36-00-GLD Flower Toggle Set : Gold
J48-516-GNM Pinch Bail 5/16mm : Gun Metal
J49-186-ACP Hammered Cone 18/6mm : Antique Copper
J49-186-ASL Hammered Cone 18/6mm : Antique Silver
J55-165-GLD Three Hole Spacer Bar 16/5mm : Gold
J60-215-ASL Four Hole Spacer Bar 21/5mm : Antique Silver
J114-1710-ASL Poinsettia Pinch Bail 17/10mm : Antique Silver
J121-00-GLD Multi Daisy Toggle : Gold
J123-248-GLD Three Leaf Pinch Bail 24/8mm : Gold
J126-165-ASL Daisy Pinch Bail 16/5mm : Antique Silver
J230-14-ABR Woven Star Button 14mm : Antique Brass