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Photo of sample Ginkgo Leaf Bead
FP1-03-S1001WH Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Pacifica - Elderberry
FP1-03-S1002WH Firepolish 3mm : Pacifica - Strawberry
FP1-03-S1004WH Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Pacifica - Tangerine
FP1-04-K3217 Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Dual Coated - Pink/Blue
FP1-04-LR50730 Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Luster Iris - Emerald
PB1-03-27000CR Round Beads 3mm : Silver
PB1-04-08A08 Round Beads 4mm (loose) : ColorTrends: Sueded Gold Provence
PB307-0205-07B01 SuperDuo 5 x 2mm (loose) : ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Chicory Coffee
PB307-0205-07B03 SuperDuo 5 x 2mm (loose) : ColorTrends: Saturated Metallic Galaxy Blue
PB307-0205-LM03000 SuperDuo 2/5mm (loose) : Luster - Violet Chalk
PB333-0310-S20C02010 CzechMates Crescent 10 x 3mm (loose) : Snow Shimmer
PB399-87-BA13600 Matubo Ginkgo Leaf Bead 7.5 x 7.5mm (loose) : Matte Batik - Opaque Umber