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Photo of sample Ginkgo Leaf Bead
MST-10-00030 Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Crystal
MST-10-SL20500 Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Lt Amethyst - Silver-Lined
MST-10-LK23980 Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Luster - Metallic Olivine
MST-10-38129CR Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Luster - Violet Lined
MST-10-38136CR Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Luster - Blue Lined
MST-10-38159CR Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Luster - Green Lined
MST-10-38177CR Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Luster - Pink Lined
MST-10-65401WH Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm) : Opaque Luster - Picasso
MST-10-S8C83120 Matubo 10/0 (2,1 mm): Matte Nebula - Opaque Yellow
FP1-03-M13730 Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Matte - Wild Raisin
FP1-03-33210 Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Opaque Blue
FP1-03-M33400 Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Matte - Navy Blue
FP1-03-50400 Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Lime Green
FP1-03-63120 Fire-Polish 3mm (loose) : Opaque Turquoise
FP1-04-Z20220 Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Alexandrite - Celsian
FP1-04-91260 Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Oxblood
FP1-04-92920AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli White
FP1-04-92921AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Lemon
FP1-04-92922AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Orange
FP1-04-92923AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Pink
FP1-04-92924AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Lime
FP1-04-92925AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Magenta
FP1-04-92927AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Sky Blue
FP1-04-92928AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Turquoise
FP1-04-92940AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Cocoa
FP1-04-92944AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Coral
FP1-04-92945AL Fire-Polish 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Violet
FP1-06-L93220 Fire-Polish 6mm (loose) : Luster - Opal Red
PB1-03-92920AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli White
PB1-03-92921AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Lemon
PB1-03-92922AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Orange
PB1-03-92923AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Pink
PB1-03-92924AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Lime
PB1-03-92925AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Magenta
PB1-03-92927AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Sky Blue
PB1-03-92928AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Turquoise
PB1-03-92940AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Cocoa
PB1-03-92944AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Coral
PB1-03-92945AL Round Beads 3mm (loose) : Bondeli Violet
PB1-04-25121AL Round Beads 4mm : Neon Yellow
PB1-04-25124AL Round Beads 4mm : Neon Green
PB1-04-92920AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli White
PB1-04-92921AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Lemon
PB1-04-92922AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Orange
PB1-04-92923AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Pink
PB1-04-92924AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Lime
PB1-04-92925AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Magenta
PB1-04-92927AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Sky Blue
PB1-04-92928AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Turquoise
PB1-04-92940AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Cocoa
PB1-04-92944AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Coral
PB1-04-92945AL Round Beads 4mm (loose) : Bondeli Violet
PB1-06-25121AL Round Beads 6mm : Neon Yellow
PB1-06-25124AL Round Beads 6mm : Neon Green
PB1-06-92920AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli White
PB1-06-92921AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Lemon
PB1-06-92922AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Orange
PB1-06-92923AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Pink
PB1-06-92924AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Lime
PB1-06-92925AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Magenta
PB1-06-92927AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Sky Blue
PB1-06-92928AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Turquoise
PB1-06-92940AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Cocoa
PB1-06-92944AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Coral
PB1-06-92945AL Round Beads 6mm (loose) : Bondeli Violet
PB379-64-L23980 MiniGemDuo 6 x 4mm (loose) : Hematite
PB379-64-LZ23980 MiniGemDuo 6 x 4mm (loose) : DK Bronze
PB380-0204-23980 Teacup 4 x 2mm (loose) : Jet
PB380-0204-93200 Teacup 4 x 2mm (loose) : Opaque Red
PB404-06-L23980 Roseta Two-Hole Cabochon 6mm (loose) : Hematite
PB404-06-LZ23980 Roseta Two-Hole Cabochon 6mm (loose) : Dk Bronze