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TOHO - Cube 4mm

Cube Beads along with Triangles are some of TOHO's most unique beads; the quality is unmatched. Notice how the hole is not round but rather diamond shaped to allow the beads to lay corretly in a finsihed design.
TC-04-1F Transparent-Frosted Crystal
TC-04-5BF Transparent-Frosted Siam Ruby
TC-04-5C Transparent Ruby
TC-04-13F Transparent-Frosted Lt Sapphire
TC-04-21 Silver-Lined Crystal
TC-04-22B Silver-Lined Med Topaz
TC-04-25B Silver-Lined Siam Ruby
TC-04-27BDF Silver-Lined Frosted Teal
TC-04-41 Opaque White
TC-04-44F Opaque-Frosted Sour Apple
TC-04-48LF Opaque-Frosted Periwinkle
TC-04-49 Opaque Jet
TC-04-49F Opaque-Frosted Jet
TC-04-55 Opaque Turquoise
TC-04-55F Opaque-Frosted Turquoise
TC-04-81 Metallic Hematite
TC-04-82 Metallic Nebula
TC-04-83 Metallic Iris - Brown
TC-04-84 Metallic Iris - Green/Brown
TC-04-85 Metallic Iris - Purple
TC-04-86 Metallic Rainbow Iris
TC-04-122 Opaque-Lustered Navajo White
TC-04-142 Ceylon Banana Cream
TC-04-143 Ceylon Aqua
TC-04-145 Ceylon Innocent Pink
TC-04-156 Ceylon Jade
TC-04-161 Transparent-Rainbow Crystal
TC-04-164 Transparent-Rainbow Lime Green
TC-04-166DF Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Lt Tanzanite
TC-04-169 Transparent-Rainbow Rosaline
TC-04-177 Transparent-Rainbow Smoky Topaz
TC-04-177F Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Smoky Topaz
TC-04-178F Transparent-Rainbow-Frosted Sapphire
TC-04-Y181 HYBRID Opaque Luster - Picasso
TC-04-201 Gold-Lustered Amethyst
TC-04-221 Bronze
TC-04-223 Antique Bronze
TC-04-252 Inside-Color Aqua/Purple-Lined
TC-04-262 Inside-Color Crystal/Gold-Lined
TC-04-265 Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Metallic Purple-Lined
TC-04-267 Inside-Color Rainbow Crystal/Rose-Lined
TC-04-270F Inside-Color Frosted Crystal/Metallic Teal-Lined
TC-04-291 Transparent-Lustered Rose/Mauve-Lined
TC-04-303 Inside-Color Jonquil/Hyacinth-Lined
TC-04-307 Inside-Color Aqua/Opaque Yellow-Lined
TC-04-Y311 HYBRID Opaque Lavender - Picasso
TC-04-329 Gold-Lustered African Sunset
TC-04-332 Gold-Lustered Raspberry
TC-04-333 Gold-Lustered Fern
TC-04-341 Inside-Color Crystal/Tomato-Lined
TC-04-375 Inside-Color Topaz/Lt Gray-Lined
TC-04-387 Inside-Color Rainbow Peridot/Opaque Green-Lined
TC-04-457 Gold-Lustered Green Tea
TC-04-461 Higher-Metallic Grape
TC-04-477D Transparent-Rainbow Foxglove
TC-04-502 Higher-Metallic Amethyst
TC-04-511F Higher-Metallic Frosted Mediteranian Blue
TC-04-514 Higher-Metallic Gypsy Gold
TC-04-515F Higher-Metallic Frosted Mardi Gras
TC-04-566 Metallic Frosted Antique Silver
TC-04-615 Matte-Color Iris - Purple
TC-04-617 Matte-Color Dk Olive
TC-04-702 Matte-Color Dk Copper
TC-04-703 Matte-Color Mauve Mocha
TC-04-705 Matte-Color Iris - Blue
TC-04-706 Matte-Color Iris - Teal
TC-04-710 Matte-Color Aquarius
TC-04-711 Nickel
TC-04-928 Inside-Color Rainbow Rosaline/Opaque Purple-Lined
TC-04-932 Inside-Color Aqua/Capri-Lined
TC-04-954 Inside-Color Aqua/Lt Jonquil-Lined
TC-04-989F Gold-Lined Frosted Crystal
TC-04-994 Gold-Lined Rainbow Crystal
TC-04-1200 Marbled Opaque White/Pink
TC-04-1209 Marbled Opaque Avacado/Pink