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Western Winds

Discover the southwestern United States through the TierraCast Western Winds Collection. The southwest of the United States is well known for its arts and crafts. Inspired by natural beauty in this region, the collection embodies the spirit, colors, and textures of the Southwest and complement leather, seed bead, and fringe designs beautifully.

TC94-2531-12 TierraCast : Charm - Thunderbird, Antique Silver
TC94-2531-26 TierraCast : Charm - Thunderbird, Antique Gold
TC94-2531-27 TierraCast : Charm - Thunderbird, Brass Oxide
TC94-2532-12 TierraCast : Pendant - 2" Feather, Antique Silver
TC94-2532-26 TierraCast : Pendant - 2" Feather, Antique Gold
TC94-2532-27 TierraCast : Pendant - 2" Feather, Brass Oxide
TC94-2533-12 TierraCast : Pendant - 3" Feather, Antique Silver
TC94-2533-26 TierraCast : Pendant - 3" Feather, Antique Gold
TC94-2533-27 TierraCast : Pendant - 3" Feather, Brass Oxide
TC94-5831-12 TierraCast : Bead - Western, Antique Silver
TC94-5831-26 TierraCast : Bead - Western, Antique Gold
TC94-5831-27 TierraCast : Bead - Western, Brass Oxide
TC94-6600-12 TierraCast : Button - Western, Antique Silver
TC94-6600-26 TierraCast : Button - Western, Antique Gold
TC94-6600-27 TierraCast : Button - Western, Brass Oxide