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TOHO - Treasure #3 (8/0) : Matte-Color Iris - Purple

Stock #TT-03-615

Item TOHO - Treasure #3 (8/0) : Matte-Color Iris - Purple (TT-03-615) is in the Seed Beads category. You can find similar items on the TOHO - Treasure #3 (8/0) group page. As with all of our beads this item is manufactured to be the highest quality and would be a great addition to your bead store. We sell this item to stores by the Kilo, and it is 1.8m in size.

Please note that we now have many resources for bead stores such as information about industry standard units and the manufacturing process. There are also sections about glass cane and finishes/coatings used for beads.

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